Student Hand Book
Required Materials 
New students should always start with rudimental drumming. This requires very little equipment. (see list below) You do not need a drumset right away. As your child progresses you may decide to buy a drumset, but it is not an immediate expense
Rudimental drumming: 
Drum Sticks - Size 5B, 5A, or 2B 
Practice Pad 
Music Stand 
Metronome (the louder the better) 
Method book  
Drumset drumming:
Drumset should consist of at least:  
Bass drum 
Snare drum 
1 or 2 mounted toms and a floor tom is recommended 
Hi-hat cymbals with stand 
Crash/Ride cymbals with stand 
Drumset Method book 
Music Stand 
Practice area: 
An area should be set aside that is: 
Lighted properly 
Free from distractions (e.g. siblings, TV,computer,  stereo etc.)
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Practice Routines  
The beginning of music lessons is an exciting time for both parents and children, and it is important to develop positive
practice routines. 
Here are a few reminders about practice. 
  1. Daily practice of lesson material is essential for your child’s musical growth.
  2. Each day should include at least one short practice session. 10 to 20 minutes is all you need. 
  3. Several short sessions are preferable to one long session. Fatigue and lack of concentration tend to set in if sessions are too long.
  4. Review lesson material at each practice session.
  5. Keep sessions fun and engaging. If your child begins losing focus, return at a later time.
  6. Encourage your child to perform for you, your family and friends.  
  7. Be sure to fill in and sign the weekly practice log. 
  8. Your participation and involvement in the lessons will go a long way toward making lessons fun, enjoyable and rewarding for your child. 
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Tips for Buying a Drumset
If you are in the market for a drumset for your son or daughter, I always recommend finding a used one in good condition. For one thing a used drumset will almost always retain it’s value, so if you wanted to upgrade later on, you will most likely get your money back. The best place to find one is in the classified section of your local newspaper, craigslist or Ebay. There are many name brands you will want to be familiar with, but first lets look at the drums themselves.
A drumset is an instrument of many parts. You will want one that includes (at least) a snare drum, bass drum, 1 or more mounted toms, and a floor tom with all the necessary mounting hardware and stands. You should also make sure this set has cymbals. A set of hi-hats with matching hi-hat stand and a ride with a stand are the minimum required. The addition of one or more crash cymbals with stands should round out the set nicely. I also feel it is very important to have a proper drummers throne (seat). A throne is a type of chair that allows you to adjust the seat height. This is very important to prevent back discomfort as the student grows. 
There are many fine drum companies out there, and the differences between them are more often that of personal taste over quality. If you see an ad listing any of the following brand names you are more than likely getting a quality drumset. (I like to buy American so I will put an * next to American made drums). Remo* -Ludwig* -Slingerland*- Gretch* -Rogers*- Pearl -Tama - Yamaha - Premier - Sonor - Mapex.  As far as cymbals there are Sabian - Zildjian - Paiste - Meinl. Each of these brands has a range of cymbals from student to professional grade.
You may expect to pay about five to seven hundred dollars for the drumset & cymbals I listed above. But don’t despair. I often see drumsets of the same quality in the paper from three hundred to four hundred dollars. Patience is the name of the game. If you wait long enough the set will appear that is in your price range. Remember, these drumsets will retain their value. Think of it as an investment. 
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Drumset Checklist 
Your Drumset should include: 
Snare drum  
Snare drum stand 
Bass drum 
Bass drum pedal 
Mounted tom(s) 
Tom brackets (to hold toms on top of bass drum) 
Floor tom 
Floor tom legs (to support tom on floor) 
Hi-hat cymbals (pair, top/bottom) 
Hi-hat stand 
Ride cymbal 
Cymbal stand 
Crash cymbal(s) 
Cymbal stand(s)
Drum seat (throne) 
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Brand names you can trust

DW (Drum Workshop)*
Pacific (PDP) 
*American made 

Vic Firth 
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Occasionally parts of a drumset will break, drum heads will need to be replaced or supplies and books will need to be replenished. I recommend you first try your local music store. What they don’t have in stock, they will be able to order for you. If a trip into town is not convenient for you, I will list some websites I have had good luck with in the past. 
Your Local Music Shop: 
Guitar Center 
120 Hale Rd 
Suite B 
Manchester, CT 06042
(860) 648-3900

  Good Online Drum Supply Stores:
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